Llama, aka llama llama, loves spitting at each other. They enjoy wrestling with Lucha Libre mask, dressing up as fruits and monsters, and singing songs in the car.


Pssst! Pssst Bunny loves standing outside with his cute sign. He is quiet the little fellow, he communicates with others by making signs. As you can see, he was never a spelling bee champion. He loves going to movie theater with Lemon llama and Lime llama because they will treat him to popcorn.
Super Dupers!

All Super Duper Rangers have special powers. For example!! Super Peeps has super peep power, which can summon lil birds in need for help. Professor Green Beans, who has super green beens strength. Eating can-o-beans in 10 seconds! Pheww!

Lil Birds These peeps loves shopping. They love going to Fancy Schmancy Malls every weekend. One of the birds name Pippi wants to get her own bird feeder, and the other ones name is Mimi, who's all about meal worm schmoothy. That's right! Not smoothy, shmoothy.

Meow ow ooow. Meow meeow mmmmeow. Ow meowow, prrr meowowow... Mow owmeow ow, nomnomom!

(Meowgle translation: Hello, everybody. We are Ball-o-Kittens. We love going fishing, but never caught one yet... We're gonna catch 'em one day, you will see!)


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