kigurumi amigurumi

We create Original Designer Amigurumis and more!

Amigurumi is a Japanese word for "crocheted stuffed animals". The amigurumis at Studio Llama Llama will not fetch the news paper like your puppies, but they will make great friends!

We create these little friends by our own HANDS. We believe that good stuff comes from the good old fashioned way: So we are not using industrialized-huge-amigurumi-maker nor relied on not-so-fair-out-sourcing-system. We take lots of pride, time and thought to create each one by ourselves.

All of the Amigurumi from Studio Llama Llama have a sweet personality and warm heart since they are born and grew up in a loving and healthy home, where is also smoke and pet free!

Ball-o-Kittens FLY!